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Rubidium chloride

Rubidium chloride
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The basic information

Chinese name: Rubidium chloride

English name: Rubidium Chloride


The CAS number: 7791-11-9

Molecular formula: RbCl

Molecular weight: 120.92

Purity: 99.5% or higher

MDL number: MFCD00011187

EC: 232-240-9


Character description

White crystalline powder, soluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol.

In the gaseous state, RbCl is A diatomic molecule, and the bond length is about 2.7868 A. In A cubic system, the bond length increases to 3.285 A, indicating A high coordination number of ions in the solid state.

According to this condition, solid RbCl shows three permutations or polycrystalline forms in holographic imaging: sodium chloride octahedral type 6:6NaCl is the most common type. Cl and Rb are the most densely packed cubes, filling the octahedral holes in them. In this arrangement, both ions are in a six coordination position. The lattice energy of this crystal is only 3.2 kJ/mol lower than that of the next crystal. Under high temperature and pressure, the CsCl structure is formed by RbCl (NaCl and KCl can be formed under high pressure). The chloride ion surrounds Rb in the center of the cube at the eight vertices of the cubic crystal system. This is the structure with the highest RbCl density. Since a cube has eight vertices, the coordination number of the two ions is equal to eight. This is the highest possible coordination number for RbCl. Therefore, according to the radius ratio rule, the cation will reach the maximum surface radius in this crystal type, because the distance between the anion and the anion is the largest. The tetrahedral shape of rubidium 4:4 chloride in the tetrahedral shape of sphalerite is very rare in the study of its structure. However, the lattice of this type can be predicted to be approximately 40.0 kJ/mol smaller than the above structures.


Physical parameters

Melting point: 718

Boiling point: 1390

Water solubility: 47.7% at 20, 58.1% at 100

Density: 2.8 g/mL(25 °C)(lit.)

Refractive index: 1.493 [1]


Use instructions

Analysis of sodium, iridium, titanium, zirconium and perchlorate; The raw materials of rubidium metal and other materials of rubidium salt and isotope separation were prepared by calcium reduction. Mainly used for electrolysis preparation of rubidium metal, also used for aluminum flux.

In general, RbCl can be used as an electrolyte of water.

Nanowires, an electrochemical probe placed on mica with diluted RbCl, have good directivity.

RbCl transformation competent cells are the most competent for the use of this compound. Cells were treated with a solution of low osmotic pressure (EN :hypotonic) containing RbCl. Thus, removing the membrane protein binds the negatively charged DNA.

Danger Statement

Safety level: 22-24/25

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